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When you’re looking for a little bit of extra flair to add to your home, driveway, patio, or walkway, custom stonework is a great choice to give a little more curb appeal and personality to different aspects of your property. Adding custom stonework will add that little something extra to your home that everyone will love, and if you’re looking to sell, the extra features will improve property value and buyer incentive. 

Jacksonville Driveway Repair offers several custom stonework options to improve your home and outdoor space. Please continue reading to see some of the services we offer. 

Custom Stone Paving 

Stone pavers and paths are great features for any lawn that add a little extra appeal and improve safety. You can install stone pavers to add an accent to your home or install a completely custom stone pathway that will look nice and give you and your guests an elegant path to walk on. 

We can even custom design your pavers or pathway to give you a unique look, design, or feel. Want something truly unique? Let us build you something that will stand out with a custom pattern that can be stained or finished for a drastic effect. Pavers are a great option when you don’t want or have space for solid concrete, and pavers come in various sizes, shapes, and style options. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Something that adds tremendous value to your existing outdoor space is an outdoor kitchen. Whether you have an existing outdoor patio or want to start from scratch, we can install a custom outdoor kitchen out of stone that will have everything you need for an outdoor barbecue and more. 

Stone is a great all-weather material, and we can build you a kitchen out of stone to fit your barbecue, prep space, and any number of other amenities like a wine fridge, wet sink, or other options. It’s up to decide the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Whether you’re just operating the grill or are a Michelin star chef, we can build you the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted. 

Custom Fireplaces and More

We offer a full range of other stone creations as well. A custom-built fireplace is an excellent addition to any home that will add warmth and a cozy feeling to any space. We can design and build you a fireplace out of stone that you’ll love for years. 

An outdoor fire pit is another decorative option that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come. Not only that, a fire pit is a great gathering spot, and having one built out of stone ensures that you never have to worry about upkeep or maintenance. 

If it can be built, our stonework experts can build it for you. Stone construction is a great low-maintenance option for adding form and function to any home or business. 

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