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Most concrete driveways should last as long as your home but there are things that can happen that will shorten its lifespan including weather, heavy vehicles moving over the driveway, and freezing/thawing.  If your concrete driveway is showing signs of distress it can be for a wide range of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Severe weather patterns
  • Improper placement procedures
  • Use of concrete mixes that are not meant for heavy use.
  • Improper compacting of the subgrade below the surface.

Any number of these things can cause your driveway to become an eyesore that has cracks, is discolored, has settled too low, or is scaling. Most people do not have the budget to remove the existing concrete to create a new driveway. It is at this time when it must be decided whether it is time to repair the concrete, have it resurfaced, or replace it. If your driveway is structurally sound you can save money by having it repaired. If you are unsure whether your driveway has good structural integrity, it is time to call in a driveway specialist to examine it and let you know what your options are. Driveway Repair Jacksonville has many different options, all of which are good.

It all starts with a simple phone call.  We will come to your home and inspect your driveway to let you know what options are available to you for driveway repair. We will take the time to determine what has caused the damage in the first place and then deal with that problem while we make the necessary repairs.

Concrete patching is a great option because we can repair the worst damage by patching it with a top-quality product that is not available to most consumers. We will patch and fill in all the small cracks which do not pose any structural threat. We have many different filling and patching products that we use, depending on the size of the hole or crack. Once we have done the work to fill in the holes, Driveway Repair Jacksonville will help you to blend in the patches with the many different options and products we offer.

Patching concrete can leave your driveway looking blotchy, messy, and unappealing. The concrete patches that we place on your driveway are not watertight and this means that water can get into the patch and into the concrete and recreate the hole or crack that we patch. You can even fill in many of the cracks and holes on your own, but the entire project needs to be sealed and blended to make your driveway look good again.

We can repair the large holes and cracks and then complete the project by resurfacing your driveway with one of many different decorative finishes that we offer. We can stamp the concrete and color it which will make your driveway look new without adding more work and expense which would be needed if you were to replace your driveway. Once concrete patching has been completed and resurfacing has taken place, the resurfacing will give the finished product an aesthetically pleasing look instead of leaving all the patches exposed.

Contact Driveway Repair Jacksonville to find out more about the options that we offer to homeowners just like you when it comes to concrete patches.