Concrete Driveway Repair

Concrete Driveway Repair
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We understand that your driveway is one of the most essential parts of your house. You access your driveway day in and day out when you come and go. If it’s damaged, then all sorts of problems arise.

Here at Jacksonville Driveway Repair, we don’t just have an understanding of the implications of a damaged driveway, but we know how to remedy it professionally. One of our main services includes concrete driveway repair.

We have years of experience in driveway repair, and we’ve serviced our community for a long time. We are locally owned and operated with the goal of continuing this relationship of trust with our clients.

Let’s talk more about repairing that concrete driveway.

The Benefits of a Damage-Free Concrete Driveway

Admit it, you’ve been driving in and out on your damaged driveway for quite some time now and are a bit fed up with all the bumpy entrances and exits to your residence. Maybe you’re too busy, just don’t have the time, perhaps you don’t have the right budget yet, or maybe you don’t trust anyone else to do the repair for you. The benefits of a damage-free concrete driveway (1) start with a safer departure and arrival to your home. 

Another benefit to fixing your driveway is that the ride is smoother, and it should give you peace of mind. A well-done concrete driveway should also add appeal and improve the aesthetics of your home, if not increase its value.

Concrete driveways are usually more cost-effective, and so it’s best for yours to be repaired ASAP. Don’t have the time? Call us for efficient service. Think that you might not have the right budget just yet? Call for a quote today. Don’t trust anyone else to do it for you? Check out our credentials or talk to our previous clients and see how we’ve made a difference not just to their concrete driveways but to their lives.

With a damage-free concrete driveway, you start your day without bumps, literally and figuratively. You also ensure a safer and better home for your family. Why wait?

Can You Repair a Concrete Driveway?

Yes, you can repair a concrete driveway, and we can do it for you using the most advanced techniques and tools available in the industry. Your driveway may have all sorts of cracks and damage, so you need a crew that has seen it all.

Hairline cracks, shrinkage cracks, settlement cracks, and structural cracks are a few common problems on concrete that, if left unattended, will cost you more money to repair. There are a lot of reasons why concrete cracks, and we need to address them ASAP.

Luckily for us, repairing cracked or damaged concrete driveway is not complicated, or at least not for us. We’re just one phone call away. 

How Do You Fix a Deteriorating or Crumbling Concrete Driveway?

CALL OUT: “You can often save money by repairing your driveway, as long as the concrete is structurally sound.”

To fix deteriorating or crumbling concrete, one must first be able to identify the severity of the damage (2). From there, you can determine what needs to be done. We are almost certain that you will need assistance from a professional crew, especially if the driveway is large and needs a complete overhaul.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to concrete that you should watch out for is spalling. Spalling concrete refers to when it’s starting to delaminate from the substrate and results in cracking.

In most cases of spalling, it is not a DIY job, and you will have to bring the professionals in to remedy it. Most professionals know when to patch, resurface, or completely replace a driveway.

This sound decision-making is only made possible by years and years of experience working in the field and will actually save you time, money.

How Much Does It Cost to Resurface a Concrete Driveway?

The average cost to resurface a concrete driveway is around $2-$3 per square foot (3). That should be around $1500-$1800 if you have a 600 square foot driveway. We wouldn’t exactly say that it’s a cheap deal, but we can promise you that we will give you a great deal should you contact us now.

We understand that homeowners might think twice before calling in the pros to do a concrete driveway repair. This is also the reason why we encourage homeowners to do the opposite and call for help ASAP for the damages to be attended to right away before the repair gets too costly.

Do-It-Yourself Repair Concrete Driveway Projects

Do-it-yourself repair concrete driveway projects are commonly done by homeowners and might actually be a good idea if A) you have experience fixing driveways yourself, B) you’ve assessed that the task at hand does not need professional interventions, and C) your driveway may just need a few patches and maybe even resurfacing (4).

If the structural integrity of your concrete driveway is still intact, then doing it yourself might be the better option. It might save you time, energy, and money, too. But, if there’s any doubt in your mind that you are able to accomplish it yourself, then please we implore that you call in the experts. 

Let’s Fix That Concrete Driveway

If there’s one thing that concrete is known for, it’s that it’s very durable, low maintenance, and looks good. If you can get your driveway fixed now, then it will be a long while before you’re going to have to get it repaired again.

We assure you that the service will be worth it. Contact us now for a free instant quote, and we can get started on your project right away. Concrete can get tricky, but it’s simple with the right expert crew working on it.