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When installed properly, concrete is one of the best products that you can have around your home. It’s durable, long-lasting, and highly efficient. When working with concrete, it’s best to work with professionals who know what they’re doing. The chemistry of concrete is complex but straightforward. Following a few simple processes will ensure that your concrete structures do not receive significant issues.

Concrete Cracks

There are a variety of cracks that can appear over any concrete surface. These cracks sometimes appear minor but hide an underlying weakness in structure and functionality that pose a risk to the durability of your entire structure.

Hairline cracks are small cracks that appear on the surface of the concrete. They are superficial cracks, but they widen over time. They become hazardous and unsightly as they are collected and widen.

Shrinkage cracks appear after the concrete has been cured. This is because concrete compresses during curing and joint placement help prevent this. these cracks are slightly larger than hairline cracks. Still, they prove to be an inconvenience is at best and hazards at worst.

Settlement cracks are concerning. When the ground beneath the country structure is not compacted properly, the concrete appears an even on the surface and is even displaced. Part of the concrete sinks and destabilizes the entire structure.

Structural cracks occur when the concrete itself is poorly made. These cracks are wide and run through the entire country structure. Some repair services may address them, but in most cases, the entire concrete slab needs replacement.

What Causes Cracks

There are a variety of reasons why concrete cracks. This is because of the unique structural challenges faced by concrete installation and the chemistry of concrete itself. It requires professional expertise to work with concrete effectively and efficiently to avoid damage to your property.

Excess water in the mix will weaken the concrete and prevent it from achieving its maximum strength. Water is added to a concrete mix to make it easier to install. At the right measurements, water actually improves the way concrete works and helps provide a better structure. However, too much water will force your country to shrink more than it needs to producing huge cracks over curing periods. As the concrete cures, water is removed naturally to allow the concrete mixed to solidify and become durable. We should prevent excessive shrinkage from water lost by ensuring that we have the right water to cement ratio.

 Drying concrete slabs through quickly will increase the risks of crack formation. There is a chemical reaction involved when concrete starts to solidify, which involves removing water. The hydration of concrete during the installation process allows us to form better structures. Still, this water needs to be removed as the concrete cures. Removing the water in environments that are too hot will produce significant cracks on the concrete slab. Contractors know how to control the curing process and ensure that the concrete remains stable and durable.

Using the wrong strength of concrete directly affects the integrity of the entire concrete slab. Every project that involves concrete pouring requires a different mixture of concrete to adjust for strength and the needs of the current project. Contractors know which concrete mix is the most appropriate for the current situation. It’s best to enlist professional help when you’re dealing with concrete projects.

Improper placement of control joints leaves your concrete slab prone to uncontrollable cracks. Concrete structures are rigid and intentionally placing some controlled cracks on the slab allows it to achieve a durable and long-lasting form while maintaining functionality without additional risks. These joints are essential to keeping with the quality of the concrete slab.

Prevent Cracks on Concrete

Projects involving concrete should always be done by professionals who know how to work with the material you may not be used to. It takes a great team to ensure that installing concrete structures like driveways are done quickly and safely with minimal risk of damage. You can call the experts at Driveway RepairJacksonville for a free quote today and get started on your concrete project with minimal to no cracks.