Concrete retaining wall Jacksonville

Adding a solid concrete or even a sectioned concrete wall to your property can sound like a daunting task. While you’ve probably heard about concrete retaining walls, you may not be aware of all the benefits they offer to property owners. 

Besides being a decorative feature that will make your property stand out, there are a number of practical benefits that will save you money and possibly prevent disaster, all while enhancing the look of your home. 


Build a Raised Flower Bed With a Retaining Wall

One of the main uses of a retaining wall is in the modification of your existing property. You can easily build raised flower beds by moving dirt to create a platform or hill and then support it with a retaining wall. 

This gives you extra space to plant trees or vegetables without having to worry about soil erosion or dirt moving. This gives you a fully functional elevated space without needing to live on an actual hill. Plus, it adds an interesting and eye-catching feature to your property. 


Prevent Flooding With a Retaining Wall

If you live in a low-lying area or part of your property is sunk in, it is likely prone to flooding. 

A concrete retaining wall is one way to prevent flooding from damaging your home or other belongings. Not only can you move the dirt to raise sunk-in parts of your land, but a retaining wall will also help hold everything in place even when the rains come. What’s more, a retaining wall will last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing it or about costly floods again. 

This is a great benefit to any home that floods and may even help to lower your insurance costs. At the very least, it’ll save you on costly repairs, mold, and water damage. 


Prevent Sinkholes and Soil Erosion 

Another cost-saving and potentially life-saving feature of a concrete retaining wall is the prevention of sinkholes and soil erosion. There’s nothing worse than watching the land under your feet slowly wash away, and sinkholes can spring up out of nowhere due to losing soil underground. 

Placing a retaining wall at the bottom of hills and areas where washouts occur will help shore up loose soil and prevent it from eroding. This helps keep your property from shrinking and can help keep your home and family safe. 

Property damage from sinkholes can be catastrophic, in some cases swallowing entire sections of homes. In some cases, an act of nature like that won’t be covered by insurance. This means that a retaining wall could be the best solution to save your money and your home. 

Don’t let nature take away what’s yours. Install a concrete retaining wall and protect your investment today. 


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