Depending on the size of your yard, getting around it can be a bit of a hassle. When trying to get from the car into your home, tall grass and debris might get in the way. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure you don’t have to deal with either of those. A concrete sidewalk is an excellent choice for style and functionality. In the long run, you will find that a sidewalk made of concrete really is the best choice for the comfort of you and your family, and it’s stylish as well. To help convince you, we have put together a list of benefits of having this kind of sidewalk.

Concrete is incredibly durable

When it comes to durability, concrete is, by far, one of the most durable options out there. If installed properly, it can last up to 30 years without needing repair, even in harsher climates. Of course, many factors go into this, for example, how it’s treated after installation. But, even with that in mind, concrete is the most durable and long-lasting material you can choose. Your sidewalk is something that needs to last a while, and this is the easiest way to ensure that happens. Of course, proper installation is still the most important factor when it comes to longevity. So, only rely on professional sidewalk installation services; your sidewalk should last quite a long time. Still, you will want to research how to maintain your concrete sidewalk before installing it properly, so you can ensure it stays.

people installing a sidewalk

It’s low maintenance overall

Compared to other paths, concrete is incredibly easy to maintain. It’s as simple as taking a broom and sweeping debris off of it. You can even use a leaf blower or a hose in warmer months. During the winter, you only need a shovel or snow plow to keep it clear of snow. Although, during the winter months, you’ll also want to ensure the concrete is clear of ice.

In comparison, gravel paths need a lot more work to keep maintained. Leaves and other debris tend to get stuck in them, and it’s impossible to clear them during winter without displacing some of the gravel. On the other hand, if you know how to take care of a driveway, you’re set to maintain your concrete sidewalk. Although driveway repair services differ from sidewalk repair, keep that in mind.

It’s the best choice for accessibility

If you have someone in your family who has difficulty getting around, whether it’s because of age or because they need a wheelchair, concrete is the best choice to make their visits easier. This is mainly because concrete is a non-slip surface; if installed well, it won’t have any cracks or gaps. Additionally, you could have sidewalks to connect different spaces around the house. For example, linking the front yard to the back yard makes carrying things more manageable. This accessibility isn’t available with other paths, as they’re all inconvenient in some way. Additionally, experts from note that houses with sidewalks made of concrete are much easier to deliver furniture too. So, if you ever want some new furniture, it will be much easier to bring it into the home over a concrete path, which means there will be a lot less risk of damaging it.

close-up of concrete path

It looks appealing

If you are a fan of clean looks, then concrete is definitely the choice for you. Concrete sidewalks usually come with a clean finish that looks relatively smooth. This can quickly boost the curb appeal of any house, just by itself. However, if you want to get fancy, there are a number of design options that you can choose for your sidewalk that will make it look lovely. This is perfect if you need to boost your curb appeal. Whether you want the house to simply look nice, or if you’re planning on selling and need to attract potential buyers, sidewalks made of concrete are sure to attract some attention. However, you should also consider your driveway and think about the signs it’s time to replace your driveway. A sidewalk is essential, yes, but you shouldn’t forget about keeping your driveway in proper shape as well.

It can protect your foundation

A concrete sidewalk installed around your home is a beautiful way to protect your foundation from erosion. After all, one of the leading causes of structural problems to a home is water seeping into the foundation. This happens when there is a buildup of rainwater or melting snow. Surrounding the foundation with a sidewalk makes it much harder for water to get into it. This is because sidewalks make it easier for water to drain away from the house, therefore making the foundation last much longer. Additionally, because concrete is so easy to clean, you can keep the area around your home orderly much easier. This is an excellent choice for keeping your home stylish while adding a functional path and making sure your home lasts longer. In the long run, these sorts of upgrades are the best investments.

concrete being poured

The benefits of having a concrete sidewalk – closing thoughts

Concrete comes with a lot of benefits to your property. It looks nice; it’s easy to clean, and, most important, it lasts a really long time and helps with the longevity of your home overall. The accessibility it provides is also a pretty significant benefit. And, as long as you rely on professionals to install it properly, concrete lasts a very long time without needing repair or replacement. All in all, installing a concrete sidewalk has quite a few things going for it, both in the long and short term. We hope this list of benefits of having a sidewalk made of concrete has helped convince you to have one installed at your own home, and we hope you have an excellent rest of the day.