Replacing a driveway is a long and draining process overall. Digging up the old driveway and then making a new one can take quite a lot of time and effort. Still, driveway replacements are sometimes necessary, and every homeowner will eventually have to deal with one. However, the driveway replacement process doesn’t have to be stressful if you know how to prepare appropriately. And fortunately, there are some things you can do to make sure the whole thing goes smoothly. To help you with that, we’ve put together a list of 6 tips for preparing for a driveway replacement, hopefully making the process a lot less stressful.

1. Check the old driveway for damage

Even if the entire driveway is getting replaced, your first step should be to check your current driveway for any severe damage. This might not seem important; however, serious damage can cause many problems during the replacement. For example, the damage to your old driveway can affect the land underneath. The ground might need to be entirely worked over for the new driveway to be set. If you ignore this, it can cause issues with the structural stability of the new driveway. However, contact driveway repair services before planning a replacement if you spot extensive damage in your old driveway. By repairing the old driveway first, you’ll ensure the new one lasts longer and avoid needing another replacement soon. And at the end of the day, prevention is the best solution to driveway problems.

home with driveway during rain

2. Plan ahead carefully

As we briefly mentioned, replacing a driveway takes a lot of time. During this time, your driveway will be entirely inaccessible. Unfortunately, not having a driveway can make things somewhat complicated. In addition to the driveway, however, most of your yard will also be occupied. Any decorations or furniture outside will have to be moved elsewhere during the reconstruction. Because the process takes a long time, the ideal solution is to rent a storage unit until it’s done. Short-term rentals are easily accessible, and you won’t have to worry about your furniture and decorations getting damaged. However, if it’s your first time renting a storage unit, make sure you ask all the questions about security and what you can actually store in one beforehand. Getting informed early will make selecting the proper storage for your needs easy.

3. Protect the old driveway until the replacement begins

Organizing a driveway replacement takes time. You’ll have to deal with your old driveway until the replacement is underway. It is a very good idea to ensure it doesn’t get damaged further until the replacement process starts. As we mentioned, some problems with your old driveway can complicate the replacement, so making sure no new issues appear should be a priority. Applying sealant to protect the concrete is an excellent way to do this. Additionally, you can consider using an anti-rust coating to stop the metal reinforcements within the driveway from corroding further. There are many ways you can consider protecting the old driveway for the time being. While you’re planning the replacement, however, you should also consider the benefits of having a concrete sidewalk.

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4. Clear the area around the driveway

Shrubs of all sizes, debris, and decorations can quickly get in the way of the crew replacing your driveway. An unkempt driveway can needlessly delay the process, causing other issues and pointless headaches. As such, before you replace your driveway, clear the area around it so the crew can work efficiently. A clear and approachable driveway is essential since delays can incur additional costs. And when delays happen, the crew working on your driveway might rush to finish it, leading to a low-quality job. Doing everything you can to ensure no problems occur should be a priority. Additionally, if you plan to sell your home down the line, you should consider the importance of curb appeal. Since curb appeal is crucial, mistakes like this should be avoided. Thankfully, they are also easy to rectify, so we recommend doing some landscaping before you start work on your driveway.

5. Find reliable and trustworthy contractors

When it comes to driveway replacement or extensive construction work, you should only ever trust experienced professionals to get it done. You should do your research carefully when looking into potential contractors, especially online. Of course, if you know someone who’s recently had their driveway replaced, you should ask who they hired if they are satisfied with their new driveway. You can easily find driveway replacement professionals online, but you should always take your time and confirm they have a good reputation. Look for online reviews and testimonials. After all, you want to ensure that professionals are doing the replacement to avoid unnecessary problems. Read all of the online reviews and testimonials thoroughly before you decide on who to hire.

contractor talking with a client about driveway replacement

6. Be patient

Patience is crucial when it comes to going through a driveway replacement. Of course, no one wants to deal with construction right outside of their home, but this is something every homeowner will have to deal with eventually. The process will take a while, but if you plan everything correctly, it won’t disrupt your daily life too much. And, when everything is complete, you will have a brand-new, beautiful driveway. So, remember to be patient and avoid rushing any part of the process. Otherwise, you could run into unnecessary issues, which will needlessly make it a lot more complicated. Thoroughly preparing for a driveway replacement is very important, after all.

6 tips for preparing for a driveway replacement – closing thoughts

Although no one likes to think about it, every homeowner will eventually have to deal with a driveway replacement. And the process is very long and draining, which is why many homeowners dread it. However, the entire process is significantly less stressful if you know how to prepare for the replacement beforehand. So, take the time to carefully plan everything, from maintaining your old driveway to finding trusted experts for the job, and everything will go just fine. We hope this list of 6 tips for preparing for a driveway replacement helps you get through the process without any issues, and we wish you a great rest of your day.